Dream, synopsis

                                                                            THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS WORDPRESS!


BRANDON KRAFT:Excellent job! @ WORDPRESS.Com!!

After much praying, just want to personally, ‘Thank you,” for all you have done. This blog was prayerfully meant for children/kids, and – as an amateur fumbling the way around here – had a sweet time with The Lord Jesus (on and off, through very difficult times of my life). You did a great job and am humbly grateful to you and WordPress.com. Yes, may The LORD our GOD continue to bless the works of your hands, and His joy, your strength. “Thank you, Brandon; job well-done!” 🙂

Dreams God breathes are humbling, to say the least; some difficult; some laughable; some tearful; some happy; some sad; some scarred; some liked; some not so likable; some silly; some all of serious and personal. But praise God, HIS Spirit still breathes through us; can;t imagine a world without The Savior, Christ Jesus. “Thank you again for the excellent job you do! Bless you, whoever you are, HE has fearfully and wonderfully made you, and you are forever dearly loved by The Most High God.”



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