Frisco, TX

Bio: I am a disabled daughter of Christ Jesus--my First Love. I joyously love to write children's stories. I long for them to be used as power-up tools of encouragement and support to children. Have a dream that they would somehow be able to help Luke's Children Hospital, and Children's hospital's in the research of cancer and diabetes. And that any and all glory would go to Jesus Christ, my Savior. One was right when they commented, 'You must not have ever had any children of your own!" Due to a condition I was never blessed to have children. But have 22 nieces and nephews whom I adore, love dearly, and am crazy about. But am no expert in anything. Am all capable of making mistakes. My first job was babysitting. Have worked with children and served little children in different ways throughout my life: Teaching; worshiping with them; story telling; bus ministry; just loving on them by wiping their little noses, and kissing a booboo on a hurt knee. I used to enjoy writing music, too. Reside in Tx. for the time being. One can contact me @ jjft12@me.com.

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